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  1. Peggy Guiler

    Peggy Guiler says:

    It is my great privilege to work as the 2013 Campaign Chair for the Untied Way of HN.
    We have some challenges. The biggest is that the big three industries who have been our traditional large supporters are looking more like the big one this year. With downturns, downsizing and strikes the United Way is having to move beyond our traditional supports and find new and creative ways to seek support from smaller industry, business and even individuals.
    I would challenge business, industry, agencies, organizations and individuals to support the work of United Way by putting together a team of two who will support this years opening event – The Amazing Race of HN. Once you have your team of two all you have to do is find sponsorship to the tune of $400 (or more). If you really want to be creative find some other folks who might build a team and challenge them to beat your donation total.
    Join us August 16 for a fun day of discovering Haldimand Norfolk and supporting our neighbours.

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